Self-employed individuals may wish to lease various types of equipment for their work. These can include different things like computers and laptops for everyday use. Some might also wish to get their hands on powertools, saws and drills if they need to make improvements around their workplace. While they can conceivably purchase these from their own pockets, it would be much more beneficial to get a lease instead. For instance, they could apply for apple finance for these laptops and upgrade their electronics to the latest in the MacBook line. Such an arrangement would allow them to enjoy the following perks

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Fast Upgrades

Since people won't have to take cash from their own pockets, there is no need to save up lots of resources beforehand. They can simply apply for financing whenever they feel is appropriate and wait for approval. Once things go through, they will be able to make the purchases right away. They have the power to upgrade their equipment in a snap which ensures that they have the latest equipment in the business. Without this, they might have had to delay the purchase for many months or even years just because they are relying on their own resources. Now time is not an issue.


Having the latest and greatest equipment is not just for bragging rights. This is truly important in many aspects including productivity and competitiveness. So many people are dealing with old computers and being forced to wait for so long just to finish projects. If you are in a very competitive industry, then this simply will not do. For example, video editors need to be able to churn out work for their clients in a snap if they want to get more work in the future. This should be of high quality, sure, but it is always an advantage to do it quickly as well.

How It Works

In this case, the borrower can select the types of equipment they wish to acquire from whatever is available. They are free to do so whether this is hardware or software. It will be the finance company who will make the purchase of the items on their behalf. In turn, they can pay this back though monthly payments in which the terms will be arranged to their liking. They can negotiate the terms to ensure that they will be able to pay right away with any worries. These small monthly payments are better for the company than large one-time outlays.

With this kind of arrangement, they are able to predict the cash flow well into the future. The expenses of their small business will be known from the start of the year. This will always be steady thus it is easy to allocate a budget for payment. Their resources will not be stretched too much as only a small portion is needed for financing expenses. The rest can be used to maintain the operations and keep the business afloat. There will still be a lot of capital left for any other purchases required.